As cryptocurrencies continue crashing down, unsuspecting investors are getting slapped with hefty tax bills they just can’t afford

 “I just discovered that I owe the IRS $50k that I don’t have, because I traded in cryptos. Am I fucked?”, wrote they had ended up with a $50,000 tax liability on trades after they sold $120,000 worth of bitcoin to buy different coins. The current value of those coins is about $30,000. 

“I feel like I might have accidentally ruined my life because I didn’t know about the taxes,” the poster wrote. 

US Regulator Says Its Employees Are Free To Trade Cryptocurrencies

A US Government regulatory agency that has the power to ban transactions in cryptocurrencies has given members of its staff permission to trade Cryptos. The last time the agency made a pro crypto move, allowing Bitcoin futures in the US, Bitcoin jumped 13%. That was on December 1, 2017.

We are watching the reaction of the market to this news.

Ravencoin, A Crypto Token Modelled After Game Of Thrones Gets Millions Of Dollars In Investment

This coin is so mysterious. The project’s only blog post so far, published Nov. 1, 2017, opens with a sentence designed to pique the interest of a Game of Thrones-loving crypto investor:

“In the fictional world of Westeros, ravens are used as messengers who carry statements of truth.”

Remember the raven? Westeros? Bravos Bank (maybe I should create a Bravoscoin), The Mother of Dragons?

Maybe we should take a closer look at this coin. I tried buying it in an exchange but it is not yet in one.

Anyway, click the link to read the main story. Someone has invested “millions of dollars” into this coin.