Pareto token: Something I saw on Telegram that I want you to see


M F:

[Forwarded from CryptoWhale]

Dear lovely Crypoinsider VIP member,
Very excited to tell you all about a small cap gem that I’ve been accumulating. The coin named PARETO NETWORK and although I bought it with ETH on Kucoin. Quite honestly, with a market cap of ONLY $9,800,000, the possibilities with it exceed 3400% gains in the next months, if not weeks. I would highly suggest having a little bit of it in your portfolio for when it gains some traction.
A little bit about the coin: 

PARETO is a Peer-to-Peer content marketplace for information in the cryptocurrency space. Basically, you get paid for dispersing new information out to the community. The whole crypto market is built on announcements, fud and insider news. So, this can be a very important central point in crypto space. Extremely interesting idea in my mind.
The most important things you need to know about this hidden gem:
+ Platform launch before the end of Q1.

+ Now on Kucoin for only 2 days, team is working on a Bigger exchange listing before the launch of the platform. (before end of Q1).

*** Next SMS will contain the details about this exchange. We can’t give any info about this now. Giving details now will ruin their listing deal.

+ The whole crypto market is built on announcements, fud and insider news. So, this can be a very important central point in crypto space.

+ Ico sold out during pre-sale 3 weeks ago.

+ Team didn’t do much marketing. During the AMA they told the crowd that they changed their marketing strategies to something NEXTLEVEL.

+ Well Known Influencers on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and other social media like to promote LOW CAPS with a solid project like PARETO. Luke Martin picked it lately just a matter of time before the other influencers will follow.

+ The only way to purchase NEWS on the Pareto Network platform is trough PARETO NETWORK tokens. 📈🚀

+ Their indirect competitor CND Cindicator has a market cap of $ 260,600,000. Imagine what cap CND can reach in a bullish market. And remember that PARETO has a cap of only $ 9,800,000. If CND reaches a higher cap and Pareto reaches the cap that CND has now, we see ourselves at a 2659% profit already.

+ Ian Balina gave them the ALL STARR ranking and is also their advisor. I’ll expect Ian to give this project an extra boost soon since Pareto Network is now for only 2 days on Kucoin.
Trade to make: Buy Pareto Network (PARETO) 

Buy-up-to price: $ 0,28 

Stop Loss: None (A low cap like Pareto can’t decrease without a big bounce back)

Buy It on: Kucoin or Idex

Timewindow: #short/middleterm 1-3 months

Potential profits: 1300% – 3400%
Note: This is just a short letter with all the details you need for now to purchase PARETO. The Next SMS notification will contain the details about the new Pareto Network EXCHANGE listing and other detailed news.

I hope it is not shilling