Intel patents breakthrough in energy-efficient Bitcoin mining

Technology behemoth Intel, has just gotten a patent whose potentials might make it a game-changer in the area of cryptocurrency mining.

Two days ago, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the company a patent concerning a processor which is said to be able to conduct “energy-efficient high performance bitcoin mining.” 

This is good news for Bitcoin miners who have had to face high energy costs, protests and restrictions because of the high amount of energy currently used to mine Bitcoin.

Waves Platform Reintroduces Miners’ Reward Token (MRT)

Waves Platform have reintroduced the famous Miners’ Reward Token to the platform.

A message posted by Waves Platform founder Sasha Ivanov on Telegram reads: 

MRT is back, the first distro will be done in a couple hours! Mining on Waves WILL be great again.

Miners Reward Token is a token used to reward Waves miners on the platform, and is expected to become a more powerful, and therefore more valuable token with the addition of more Waves community usecases.

So, if you are looking for new Cryptos to mine, now you know…